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Thank you all for your kind comments :



 Each time I do it I experience, what I can only describe as, a sense of calm all of a sudden. I wasn't too sure if it was all in my head. 
I have to say all of this is really blowing my mind!!!! Its only been two sessions and I'm really feeling the benefits. 
This should be available on the nhs!!!!!
TE, Essex


 One word......AMAZING. The session was so brilliant.
Opened my eyes loads and you were just able to read my body so well. Initially I thought that you obtained the info from my form but you mentioned stuff that I didn't even put on the form.
Apologies if that sounds cynical but this is all very new to me. 
Thank you for the feedback as well as once I left your house the only thing I could remember.  
BTW for the first in about 8 years I am able to feel a couple of toes on both feet!!! So I would definately like to have another session, if you are able to fit me in. 
MS Sufferer


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the help you give to me.  I always feel supported and nurtured at our meetings.  Our last appointment was particularly good for me - in a tearful sort of way ! I am so glad I found you and will continue to use the skills you are teaching me.  JS - Essex

Just wanted to say thank you. You managed to dig something out there I really did not want to see and something has surely shifted today

 KSE - Brentwood.



I come across Kinesiology over 30 years ago,
but never let myself be “TREATED” was a mistake.
It being one of those treatments which you “experience” rather than rationalise, I can say that 4 sessions with Gill have made a massive difference to my life. Even so I can’t exactly put all the positive changes within the last 3 months down to it, do I strongly believe that Gill’s work contributed significantly to a calmer atmosphere at home, better communication with my Ex-Husband and the improvement of my health.
How I felt after my last session? AMAZING!!!  - RM,Essex.


Thanks for a wonderful couple of hours

( SKN-RG Facial + Thai Foot Reflex Massage) 

I feel great, very balanced.

CF, Essex


Whatever you did yesterday has made me feel

10 stones lighter inside and very positive and worthy.  

I find I keep repeating in my mind I am worthy of all this.

So...thank you  very much.

NF, Essex.



Gill is a natural healer. Using kinesiology, Gill has helped me to find acceptance and peace in the release an old relationship. The effect of the work Gill has undertaken on me, has been subtle but very profound.  I found Gill to be very caring, open minded and supportive.  

I highly recommend Gill. 

Deborah, Woodford


I am 32 weeks pregnant and I still haven't managed to schedule any sessions with you! It just goes to show (1) how well I am doing, and (2) how much I have learned from your sessions since now I am putting everything into practice. Thanks again for the affirmations you gave me, I always look forward to reading them each week. I couldn't ask for an easier and healthier pregnancy, and now I am starting to prepare myself for I thought we could meet to do work around "releasing fear" and setting intentions for my birth plan.   

JV, Essex. 


Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help last year.

I know the Kinesiology helped me deal with the release of my mum

Michelle - Devon


Certain situations like driving over bridges was a problem

now this is no longer an issue

Jonathan - Kent


Health Kinesiology helped me find a sense of mental Balance.

Deborah, West London.


I highly recommend kinisielogy with Gill as firstly, you feel comfortable, relaxed and at one with yourself.  Gill's insight is second to none.  I left each time feeling lighter and brighter.' A.L. London.


 I was resistant, the second time was better it was a calming and helpful experience. I still use the tapping it keeps me in tune.

 Sue - Brentwood
Since having Health Kinesiology I am more able to control my anxiety
and in general feel more positive.
Pam - Brentwood
Health Kinesiology is the most holistic approach to my health and well-being that I have tried. Some parts of the treatment  seemed quite unusual like the use of magnets. Since the treatments I have felt more peaceful, balanced and accepting which is just what I was looking for.
Linda - Brentwood

 I found Kinesiology quite emotional and relaxing. It was an experience that was quite profound. I would recommend it to anybody thinking of giving it a try.
Lisa, Hornchurch Essex


 My experiences of HK with Gill have always been amazing.

I may not always have wanted to hear what i was told or want to do as my energy told me but it was still amazing. I feel I have learned about myself (some things I didn't like!) & have certainly benefited over a period of nearly 2 years as far as my health & some of my behaviour patterns are concerned. 

Joan - Brentwood


A fascinating session which helped me focus my energies on dealing with a lot of hidden emotions. It has helped me move forward for the better.

Rachel - Brentwood


I know it did something, but I couldn't tell you what.  Except I feel lighter and relaxed.
S.V. - Brentwood




Gill Bauer


A comprehensive and empowering approach of uniting the whole self - Physical Body,  physiological, Neurological psychological, Emotional & Mental Mind, Biochemical, Nutritional factors, Bioenergetics, Spiritual awakening and discovery, Soul connection and reconnection. 













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