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SKN-RG Professional Skin Care

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Healing, Nourishing and Restorative


SKN-RG Organics Range is based on Botanical plant and herb extracts each slowly fermented or combined with natural retinol and omega rich oils and Hyaluronic Acids.  Each complex is then enhanced using a special frequency and light that is emitted through the complexes over a period of time.  This is called SKN-RG Quanta.  Organics being food for the skin on many levels including antioxidants, vitamin C, omega oils and being nutrient rich.




Transform, Repair

Performance & Rejuvenate


SKN-RG Advanced range is created using 3 types of special enzyme complexes : Macro Algae Enzyme, Grape Enzyme and Botanical complex Enzyme each used to combat different types of skin complaints for example reducing inflammation, acne, spots and breakouts, rich in revestarol which enhances cellular rejuvenation and is anti-aging including AHA's, Marine plant collagen, Peptides, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, B3, B6, Vitamin E and nautral UVA and UVB shields.

For Vegan & Vegetarian, Animal Friendly


SKN-RG believes in absolute purity in each ingredient, this is echoed through the manufacturing process to the finished product.   Organic skinare system is approved by the Soil Association ensuring customes that they are buying high quality products that have undergone rigorous criteria to obtain the Soil Association high caliber mark.


Compassion for animals and the planet, who refute the need for animal testing in any form during the production of beauty products, and do not stock products or ingredients tested on animals.


Honest promoting unrealistic beauty ideals that contribute to the increasing number of young people developing negative body image, low self-esteem. Whilst aspiring to promote equality.


SKN-RG represents an investment in the overall health and well being of the skin.  Using exceptional ingredients that are nourishing for the skin and refrain from using ingredients that are harsh, unsustainable, harmful or toxic.

SKN-RG Pre & Probiotics


Our skin is one of the largest organs and part of the overall Microbiome. SKN-RG have discovered clinically proven new generation Pre & Probiotics strains that when applied topical can significantly reduce acne skin conditions, reduce inflammation and improve your skins good bacteria growth.


SKN-RG Performance Skincare Facial Treatments


SKN-RG Organics Performance Facial

55 min Facial, working with 7 difference products, Microcrystalline Gem Roller, and Eye Gems, Hot Steam Towels.   £45



SKN-RG Advanced Cellular Renewal Facial

60 mins Facial, working with 11 difference products (incl Pro Retinol Serum, Eye Elixir Creme) with Hot Steam Towels.  £55


SKN-RG & Acupuncture Pressure Relaxing Facial

30 mins Facial, working with the TCM Acupuncture Pressure Points of the Face, also known as the Marma points in Ayurveda therapy and combining Kinesiology emotional work if required, using the SKN-RG Organics 4 Step Daily Routine Cleanser, Pro Concentrate Serum Oil, Toner and Moisturiser.   £25

SKN-RG Eye Definition

25 mins Facial, using 6 different SKN-RG Eye products and techniques to help redefine the eye.  This anti-ageing treament using Eye Elixir effortlessly lifts, tones and melts away the signs of ageing. Boasting powerful, clinically proven, anti-ageing Acai Stem Cells for visible youthfulness. Using Jade Roller with Eye Definition oil including Lotus Flower Extract to help lift and tone and working with the Eye acupuncture pressure points for relaxation.  £25

Thai Foot Reflex Massage

Traditional Thai Foot Massage is a unique and powerful threrapy and an ancient form of therapeutic healing.  Working on the manipulation of the pressure points, energy lines and basic body forces whith together produce a highl therapeutic effect.


Improves circulation in legs, feet.  Stimulates lymphatic drainage, boosts the immune system, aids in the remove of toxins, increases oxygen to the body, can reduce stiffness and improv flexibility, detoxifies, acceleration of physical healing, reduces stress, helps with insomnia, assists relaxation and with mental tiredness. 


20 mins Thai Foot Reflex Massage £20

40 mins Thai Foot Reflex Massage, includes legs massage £40 

Gill Bauer


A comprehensive and empowering approach of uniting the whole self - Physical Body,  physiological, Neurological psychological, Emotional & Mental Mind, Biochemical, Nutritional factors, Bioenergetics, Spiritual awakening and discovery, Soul connection and reconnection. 













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