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Tranquil Waves of Motion

My Approach

We are all unique - as we are individual.  Many will look at the stack of pebbles above and view them in a different light.  



How do you view the stack of pebbles?


For some, they represent Balance and Harmony, but others they may mean "impermanance" and how life can quickly change - something will happen to knock the pile down.  Others may see them as "individual mile stones" or "markers" that represent the struggles or keepsakes to celebrate the joys. Perhaps as indicators of experiences at different stages of life; childhood, teens, young adolescence, youthful power and vitality, Maturity and wisdom that age brings and on and on, on our pathway.  Some as challenges to overcome or life lessons.    And some will say, "it"s only a Rock"!


As we are unique in our design, any support needs to be uniquely so to help enhance clients full potential, increase sense of self empowerment to wholeness. Focused awareness on areas that are holding client back from achieving their goals. When making improvements to one's own health and well-being there is not just one magic button that may be pressed, transformation and growth as a physical and spiritual being is, an on-going process. Some may need just one pebble stacked differently, others may need more.  


Each pebble represents a layer that we may need to transcend.  



Gill Bauer


A comprehensive and empowering approach of uniting the whole self - Physical Body,  physiological, Neurological psychological, Emotional & Mental Mind, Biochemical, Nutritional factors, Bioenergetics, Spiritual awakening and discovery, Soul connection and reconnection. 













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