Healing Modalities
Healing Modalities
Tranquil Waves of Motion
Tranquil Waves of Motion

Healing Modalities


Lavender is a wonderful herbal flower, a common shrub found in most English gardens.  Derived from the Latin 'lavera' which means 'to wash',  the Romans used it frequently in their bath routine. When compressed into Lavender Oil it is known for its healing quality for soothing and calming the nerves, relieving tension, depression, panic, hysteria and nervous exhaustion, and is effective for headaches, migraines and insomnia.


It is said that Lavender oil relieves pain when used for rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago and muscular aches and sport related pains. The spiritual qualities of this oil works with our intuition and improves clarity, and to promote the opening of the Heart and Crown Chakra, and Purple is also a colour that will connect you with your spiritual self.  The Lavender Oil has an all encompassing quality to it - likewise Health Kinesiology may work at many levels. 


Health Kinesiology (HK) - a structured approach, that embraces the ancient system of the Meridian pathways and Acupuncture points, combined with the modern technique of muscle testing. Health Kinesiology (HK) works with other forms of healing, like Essential Oils and Magnets. HK is a comprehensive approach with muscle testing to identify and locate blocks within our energy system that stop us from moving forward on our life journey.  A gentle, non-invasive use of acupoints without the needles, which addresses the whole of the person.  


Energy is the language of the Body.

Kinesthetic Intelligence = defined to have control over the bodily motions, sense the physical movement and fine motor control, mental ability to coordinate, balance and achieve equilibrium.

Kinesiology = the science and study of the anatomy, physiology and mechanics of the human body, especially in relation to physical education and therapy.

Kinetic energy = energy in motion. the vibrations of atoms by sound waves or in thermal energy (heat), the electromagnetic energy of the movements of light waves, and the motion of electrons in electricity. 



DISCLAIMER - Health Kinesiology may help locate disturbed energy flow by using specific techniques.  it often helps get to the root of an issue, that traditional methods don't always seem to reach.  However, Health Kinesiology does not treat the actual disease but will support your healing process, it works alongside standard healthcare. If you have any concerns, you must speak with your GP or healthcare provider beforehand.

Vital Energy

The underlying concept of many of the ancient practices like TCM, Acupuncture, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Reiki and Health Kinesiology is Vital Energy.


What is Vital Energy?  Western culture describes it as life, spirit, passion, vitality and electromagnetism. The Chinese refer to this energy as Life Force or 'Chi' (pronounced Chee), The Hindus describe vital energy or Prana, the Hebrew name is Ruah. Japanese as Ki as in Rei-ki. Hawaiian culture call it Mana. This vital life force energy of the Universe flows through in to the Chakras and pathways of the meridian of all living forms - in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally.


There are ways to cultivate or improve Vital Energy : 


 Gu Qi  : Food Chi 

Kong Qi : Breath Chi 

Zong Qi : Internal Chi 

Wai Qi : External Chi 

Zheng Qi : Nutritive Chi 

Original Qi : Congential Chi 

Wei Qi : Defensive Chi 


Each quality may represent a different pebble within your own stack! 


Food Chi 


Nutrition - Food is a source of energy. Improving our Health and Well Being by eating and drinking in a balanced way.  Often, it is about including rather than taking away. Hydrating our bodies with Water! Aspects may include :  exploring Weight Management issues & Weight Loss for Health. Tips for Eating more Healthily. Using nutrition to Detox the system. Reasons why we Emotionally Eat - what are the stressors.  Negative beliefs or patterns of behaviour that prevent us from achieving our goals, and managing cravings for certain foods that we may have become addicted or intolerant to.   Tolerant levels to substances, synergy (allergy testing) based on bioenergetically/biochemical. Deficiency.  Digestion associated problems. pH balance.  Our Gut is our second brain and emotional centre.  Hence why food provides many with a sense of pleasure and filling an empty space. Balancing the Stomach and Spleen Meridians.

Breath Chi


Breathing is vital for life. We can survive a few days without water, but only 3 minutes without breath. The supply of oxygen which is crucial for our survival. The function of breathing has a elimination and accummulation process. One flow get's rid of waste products and toxins from the body whilst the other cultivates Energy.  Breathing deeply may alter our state of mind. The rate at which we breath can make us excited or calm, tense or relaxed. Breathing works with our nervous system, internal pH balance and structure within. The Lungs are the first meridian on the Horary cycle where Chi enters the body. 


Slow deep breathing techniques are an excellent way to find peace, quieten the thoughts and the mind.  In Meditation, Yoga & Tai Chi Qigong we focus on the breath for inner calmness.

Internal Chi.  


Gathering of internal chi from air and food to support the body, mind and emotions. The interchange and interaction of the lungs & heart are paramount to our health. The air we breath via the lungs brings oxygen into the blood that the heart pumps around to all the vital organs, through arteries, veins into muscles and cells. Ways to help stimulate, gather and circulate all the bodies fluids. : chi, blood, lymph, CSF, synovial fluid and water and eliminate waste.  For example, the lymphatic system does not have it's own pump system, like blood has the heart, so physical movement is essential for circulating lymph.   One of most supportive ways of improving internal chi is exercise, movement and stretching to aid the circulation process, work the heart and take in more breath/air. It is said that internal disharmony with zong chi is caused by the "Seven Emotions" They include joy, anger, sadness, grief, pensiveness, fear, and fright. 

External Qi


External Qi Healing is an ancient technique based on the idea universial energy flow can be used to influence the energy of the client, to facilitate a shift in the clients own energy creating more balanced state, as a means of supporting the natural self-healing process.  Reiki hands-on healing using light touch or hands off the body.


Nutritive Chi


Building up the bodies resistance and strength against disease. Strengthening the immune system, we often need to work with the whole body and mind.  Ways to support zheng chi : Balancing and enhancing the free flowing of movement of chi through the meridians. Healthy lifestyle changes - address any blockages that prevents free flowing movement of chi through the meridian system. Techniques to aid this process; Meridian Tracing. Meridian Toning Movements. Tai-Chi Qigong, Yoga, Shiatsu, Touch for Health, Energy Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu. Making healthy improvements like giving up smoking, monitoring alcohol levels, getting enough quality sleep, time to relax. Dealing with any unresolved stressful situations.  


The Horary Cycle is a continual loop of vital energy that flows through each of the 12 meridians at 2 hourly peak times.  Every 2-hour peak will represent a meridian high or low point.  Often a client may have repeated symptoms at a specific time of the day. We can stimulate the corresponding meridians by strengthening or sedating, as required. 

Congential & Acquired Chi.  


Information is stored in and through our genes and DNA passed down the generations from family and via the ancestral line.  We may inherit the energy pattern/information linked to a disposition or potential for disease, or a trait or negative belief that affects our behaviour.  In homeopathy, this is the theory of miasms.


Epigenetics is a hot topic. Working with proper nutrients and eating well through pregnancy, providing the growing baby all that it needs to grow in a healthy way.  If mother is stressed during pregnancy these feelings may be transferred to baby, by movement and sound - our emotions create waves.   There are many ways we may aim to help to remove unwanted and non useful traits, behaviour, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, emotions that we may pass onto our children via our words, actions and deeds.  Children are like sponges that will easily absorb and mirror.  If we able to address our own patterns of behaviour we may prevent the repetition down own our linage.  What a wonderful way to heal the next generation?

Defensive Chi  


Our first line of defense from external pathogens is often the Auric Field. Just like earth has an electromagnetic field protecting it from the effects of solar activity. second line of entry is via the skin/nasal passages, eyes or mouth opening points that virus's or bacteria gain access into the body.


The Wei Qi (defensive) circulates on the surface of the body, protecting the body energetically from pathogens such as bacteria and viruses; this concept is loosely related to how modern medicine views the immune system and is thousands of years old. Our environment, chemicals and modern day electromagnetic and pollution from devices are factors that can weaken our immunity.  The detoxification and elimination process removal of harmful toxins. 


Our emotions, stress levels and our general outlook on life all play powerful roles in the function of our body's defense system. Psycho-neuroimmunology is now a well-researched field and every day we find out more and more information about the effects of our thoughts and emotions on our immune health.


Gill Bauer


A comprehensive and empowering approach of uniting the whole self - Physical Body,  physiological, Neurological psychological, Emotional & Mental Mind, Biochemical, Nutritional factors, Bioenergetics, Spiritual awakening and discovery, Soul connection and reconnection. 













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