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Health & Fitness Classes £4.50 per person per class or £6 for both classes attended back to back.  No subscription Fees.  No Membership Fees.   Just turn up and exercises.  Please request latest timetable of classes.

Yoga. Pilates. Tai-Chi Qigong. Zumba. Cardio Fitness. Power Walking. 


Health Kinesiology Sesssion (90 mins)  £40.00 for the first appointment.  It may be necessary to attend more than one session dependent on client's issue or concern. All subsequent (75 mins) appointments are thereafter £30.00.


Mini Health Kinesiology Session 

Meridian Energy Balancer (MEB) 15 mins £10.  This is a wonderful way to achieve balance of all the Meridian holding acupuncture points to achieve harmony.  This is an excellent way to maintain balance and harmony of the Meridian system. Like a regular oil check or MOT.


MEB + Aura Cleanse.  20 mins £15. This combines Meridian Energy Balance and using essential oils to cleanse the Auric Field, finding the boundary of your Aura. This is our first line of defense, and often sensed when people come too close into our personal space or when we push people away, as a means to protect ourselves usually unconsciously, especially when it comes to relationships.


Synergy and Substance Mismatch/Energy Test 25 mins £20.  This simple technique highlights if there are any energy mismatch to a substance.  This is a critical process as it determines how your body reacts to any given substance that we may come into contact with.  We can develop intolerances, synergy (allergies) to any substance especially if it is misused over prolonger periods, or if is triggered by an emotional or stress pattern.  For example, whilst eating an apple one day you received stressful news, the next time you ate an apple it didn't agree with you, as the body is reminded of the stress pattern created by the news or shock, or when you were a very young child you choked on a piece of Apple, as an adult you have an instance dislike of Apple juice even though you may not consciously remember the choking incident. 

Detox Program.  25 mins £20.  Using Muscle Testing design a detox program that is right for you.  For example, weight loss, improved health, emotional well-being, start of a fitness regime or after an illness, aid to recovery, combat infections or candida.


Vital Life Force.  25 mins £20.  Check how vital your life force is.  Is there an area in your life that needs improving or lifestyle changes that may be neccessary, what is depleting your Vital Life Force and what increases it? Vital Life Force is Chi.


Nutrition Program.  45 min £30.  Using muscle testing identify a Nutritional program for health and well-being tailored to your body's needs.  


Negative Belief System.  45 mins £30.  Identify and release any negative Belief system or patterns you may have in place that is preventing you for achieving your goals. Negative beliefs about weight loss, money & finances, relationships, self esteem, fears and phobias, improving performance in Sports, improving communication skills in the workplace.


Reiki Session

Mini seated - Scanning and hands-on healing  20 mins - £15

Full couch session - Head/ body hands-on healing 45 mins - £30


EFT Session

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a wonderful self empowering tool, very helpful for anxiety, stress and depression - overcoming Trauma.  EFT is being used in the States successfully with soldiers with PTSD.   It can be used at any time when there is stress (just before giving a Presentation, Meeting, going to the Denist, or exam).   EFT is a very useful tool for overcoming fears and phobias of Flying, travelling on buses or underground or being a passenger in a car, to heights skiing, ski lifts or going over bridges. To more advanced childhood trauma and disturbing events or situations like divorce and separation. Anxiety about an impending presentation, exam or interview.  Any situation may be improved using EFT, even frustration and loosing focus during a game of Golf. 


Full 60 mins - £35.  More than one session maybe needed £25 therafter.

Mini EFT sessions.  15 mins £20 Balancing the Chakras.

Mini EFT sessions.  15 mins £20 Releasing Beliefs formed in early life

Mini EFT sessions.  15 mins £20 Self Help Empowerment Tool for everyday use.




Using today's technology of communications using Skype or Facetime to conduct fact to face sessions over electronic device like Laptop or iphone.

Fear about Flying, stress about impending presentation, mind fog before an exam or dread of impending interview.                         EFT via SKYPE  60 mins - £25.


Client needs to be aware of tariffs of Mobile phones if abroad.  FACETIME is FREE.  


Remote Work 

Remote work is very beneficial when client is unable to be "physically" present. When client may be unwell or in hospital. Energetic support and distant healing. Remote work often works at a much higher spiritual level.  45 min £20



Gill Bauer


A comprehensive and empowering approach of uniting the whole self - Physical Body,  physiological, Neurological psychological, Emotional & Mental Mind, Biochemical, Nutritional factors, Bioenergetics, Spiritual awakening and discovery, Soul connection and reconnection. 













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