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Appointment hours



Classes are Tuesday & Saturday mornings, refer or request the latest timetable for class description.  Note times may vary, or be closed over certain Holiday periods. 


Tues/Sat  09:45 - 10:30am

Tues/Sat  10.30 - 11.45am


Periodic Evening Classes or Power Walking Classes.




Health Kinesiology sessions are approx. 60 - 75 mins.  Times and days may vary. Appointments on request.


Monday    11:30 am - 15:00pm

Monday    17:00 pm - 19:00pm

Tuesday   17:00pm - 20:00 pm

Thursday  09:45am - 15:00 pm

Friday      09:45am - 15:00 pm

Saturday  after 12.15 pm 


What happens in Health Kinesiology Session  ?


The client remains fully clothed throughout.  Client is asked to lay on a Therapy Couch, made comfortable so they may fully relax.  For postural issues, client may sit in a supportive chair. 


Each session is unique to client, using ancient acunpuncture points and the Meridian system combined with modern muscle testing techniques, we identify how we are to work, what approach or techniques are required,  what elements and reflex points need to be held to help release any stress patterns.  


Each aspect of the session is explained fully and client may discuss aspects or concerns otherwise they may remain silent and not disclose information.   There may be times when client may be asked to tune into a thought, word or area of the body, as we work.  The premise of Health Kinesiology is to neutralise stress patterns by holding acupuncture pressure points using very light finger touch (no needling). Health Kinesiology is not a traditional talk therapy. 


Some of the techniques may involve using magnets on acupoints, essential oils or testing supplements within the client's Energy field at (CV6).  Occasionally client may need to do a task, for example Energy Flow Balance corrections is required relating to Learning, Understanding, Remember or Memorizing.  And likewise a physical position that may relate to a sporting activity like golf swing. Filling in forms etc. (stressful for most of us)!


Occassionally to support the session client may have items to complete at home that will reinforce and support the session, for example follow a Program that may involve a healthy lifestyle change such as Nutrition, take a supplement, drink more water, breath deeply, take time out to relax, use a Flower Essences or remedy etc., This sites does not sell or promote any products. The aim is that everything is natural and/or easily accessible within the clients own home where ever possible. This embraces client to take responsibility for their own health & well-being. 


Ultimately, the experience of Health Kinesiology is one of relaxation, balancing and harmonizing.


How long is a Health Kinesiology session ?


Generally, a Health Kinesiology is 60 minutes in duration.  However, on the 1st appointment we allow more time for the client to ask questions, discuss their concern and/or goals for the session, and for the Therapist to explain each element as it arises - hopefully putting client at ease and building rapport over time. 


Repeat session required ? 


Dependent on the concern or issue, the client may require a number of corrections or techniques, which may cover 2 or more sessions.  The client will be advised beforehand.  However, as client becomes familiar with the setting, Therapist and procedures, any following sessions tend to flow smoothly. 


Does client need to be physically present ?


Normally yes.   However, there may be occasions when client is simple not able to be present.  With the wonders of today's technology, communication is always accessible via Skype or Facetime. So contact can be made verbally face to face. Some of the treatments can be conducted in this way.  EFT Session for example, if client is travelling abroad and giving an important presentation, experiences jitters, brain fog or anxiety, then EFT via Skype is an excellent way to help client deal with stress.


What are Distant / Remote Sessions ? 


Consultations can be conducted over the telephone, or like Distant Reiki healing or any other form of healing energy is "sent" across time and space that is received and has a healing effect on the recipient.  


For further information - see Quantum Physics Entanglement Theory 





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