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FACT : 1 in 3


women and 1 in


10 men live with


pelvic floor



Adore your Pelvic Floor is a 12-week programme designed by founder Louise field and supported by health care professionals, like myself Gill Bauer.  This unique programme offers weekly advice, support, exercises and experimental techniques to enable you to understand how your pelvic floor muscles work and how to engage, strengthen and support them whilst execuiting a range of exercises and functional movements during every day living. 


Women's Health matters - "Prevention is better than Cure".  You don't have a Pelvic Floor issue - great! let's keep it that way by being better aware of how to work your pelvic floor muscles for everyday functional movement with Health, Fitness & Kinesiology PF introduction class. 



Improve & Protect your Pelvic Floor Programme includes :


- 4 lessons over a four-week period


- An 8-week home exercise programme


- Instruction to recruit correct pelvic floor muscle contraction


- How to stablise and improve stress/urge incontinence


- The management of bowel conditions


- The issues and the management of a prolapse


- Exercises to avoid and exercises to include in your workout


- Regular contact throughout the course 

What is Stress Incontinence?


You may leak when you cough, sneeze, laugh or jump.  Stress Incontinence is a result of weakened or damaged muscles that control the emptying of bladder.   Whereas Urge Incontinence sometimes referred to as "overactive bladder", there is a sudden or urge to urinate, many having to make several trips to the toilet before a car or train journey, and up frequently through the night, creating major sleep disruption and deficit. 


What is a Pelvic Organ Prolpase?  


It is when one or more of the pelvic organs prolapse due to the over stretching of ligaments and supportive fascia tissues within a weak or damaged pelvic floor. The Pelvic Floor muscles act much like a hammock.  The Pelvic Floor muscles can be too loose or lax, like the image the organs sag, drop down or prolapse. Apart from the uncomfortable physical aspects, a Prolapse significantly impacts women's emotional health and subjective well being on a social, psychological, occupational, domestic, sexual level and affect a persons body image or self esteem. 


What is Sexual Dysfunction?


Pelvic Floor muscles are important for sexual function in both women and men.  In women, voluntary contractions (squeezing) of the pelvic floor contributes to sexual sensation and arousal.  With any muscles our internal muscles need to be keep toned and strong to keep or let things in and let things out.  Weak Pelvic Floor prevent some women from maintaining or using feminine products. Too tight Pelvic Floor may lead to painful intercourse. Leading to a lack of intimacy and relationship issues. Too tight muscles can put extra pressure on the bladder and may be associated with UTI's or repetitive bladder infections. 


What's Bowel Incontinence?


This condition is often hidden and secret for many clients and can be associated with other medical conditions like IBS, IBD, Colitis, Diverticulities, constipation, diarrhoea due to nerve damage, childbirth, and dementia.   Many experience constant anxiety together wih emotional implications as there is a constant need to adapt lifestyle and considerations when travelling or being away from the privacy of own toilet.  




"This is the first time I have been able to openly speak about my problems and realise that I'm not unique - thank you"


"The course has been incredible, I learnt the biggest mistake that I've been making, constantly going to the toilet when I don't need to go (urge incontinence) my bladder is already less sensitive"


"Doing the PF exercises before going to sleep actually relaxes me and gives me a better night sleep"


"I welcome every email of support you send, your information is invaluable"


"This course has been very informative and very much needed, your explanation, visual effects and all the support videos are so useful"


"An unexpected benefit of the AYPF course has been an improvement in my breathing. I had my annual asthma check last week & my peak flow reading has improved! I'm much more aware of how I breath now & it has obviously had a beneficial effect on my lungs."


Small Group 12 week Course £80  

One-to-One Private Coaching  call me to discuss your arrangements                                      

Look out for Adore Your Pelvic Floor Programme dates & details here

Next Programme Dates : 4 face to face sessions :   Saturday 5th May at 9am, Saturday 12th May at 9am, Saturday 26th May at 9am, and Saturday 2nd June at 9am. 


Next Programme Dates :  4 face to face sessions :  

Saturday 27th October at 9am. 


South Weald Parish Hall, London Road, Brentwood, Essex. 


Gill Bauer


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